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how long do u bake a potato

Jun 2, Baked potatoes take a long time to cook -- some might say, a really long time. So if you want to have some with dinner, the key is planning. Nov 22, Every time I make baked potatoes I do it this way. You will get a perfect baked potato every time. You know how sometimes when you make. Olive oil, salt, and pepper: This perfect baked potato recipe is as blank-slate as it gets. such as cumin or smoked paprika, and finish with whatever cheese you like. Do yourself a favor: Bake the potatoes plain and add the oil and salt. how long do u bake a potato Perfect Baked Potato - How to Make the Perfect Baked Potato But first, you need to bake a potato so it's tender and fluffy. So if you Great when you've got other things to do for an hour or so. How long to bake potatoes ?. Aug 11, I really do think that baked potatoes are underrated – they're not Since the potato is already mostly cooked, you can bake it for as long as you. Aug 16, Baking a potato in the oven does require a little more time than zapping it in the microwave, but it's mostly hands-off time. You can walk in the.