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potatoes bodybuilding

I will be controlling my diet strictly for maximum fat loss but I was wondering if I can just replace a portion of sweet potato with white potato. stap with a fork a couple of times and set to whatever the setting is for potatoes on your thehappypotatoes.com they heat up put a skillet with a little. So I thought instead of eating 3 meals a day consisting of brown rice I would incorporate potatoes into my diet. My main question is in regards to. potatoes bodybuilding Ultimate Bodybuilding Potatoes with Kara Corey Find out who's the spud and who's the dud in the battle between white and sweet potatoes. I would stick to white potatoes to post workout. Eat some yams, black beans, or oats for your other carb choices. Thats just my 2 cents. Jul 2, Yes, boiled potatoes are great for a bodybuilder. However, it depends on the time you eat them. White potatoes are regarded as complex carbohydrates, which.