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sweet potato vs white potato

May 23, Potato, potahto. Sweet, white. Does it matter when it comes to your health? Our experts analyze what's the better pick. Apr 30, Think sweet potatoes are superior to regular potatoes, and red meat will kill Myth #2: “Sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes.”. A few years back, some crazy nutrition enthusiasts decided to figure out whether white or sweet potatoes were “healthier”. One group compared the glycemic. sweet potato vs white potato Q/A: Sweet Potatoes VS. White Potatoes Despite their similar classification by the USDA, sweet potatoes and white potatoes 1 Nutrients in a Sweet Potato Vs. a Regular Potato Vs. a Red Skin Potato. Find out who's the spud and who's the dud in the battle between white and sweet potatoes. Q: How do sweet potatoes affect diabetes? Are they a good substitute for white potatoes? A: The same amount of white potatoes and sweet potatoes contain.